Solar Panel Array


Solar, your renewable energy source

A Solar Panel System can be used to harness the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity for your consumption in your home or business. The harnessing of solar energy has been done by humans since ancient times using constantly evolving technologies. Today, the use of photovoltaic panels, allows for the conversion of solar energy into electricity. Obviously, there are many factors that must be addressed to get an end-result system which meets the consumer's needs.

Some of the questions that the professionals at Rumsey Lang will address are as follows:

  • How many Kilowatt-hours (Kwh) do you use during an average month. (This can be calculated by looking at your electric bill for the past 6 to 12 months)
  • What percentage of your bill would you like to eliminate?
  • What is the average amount of full sun your location receives in hours/day.

In addition to the above questions, the team at Rumsey Lang will need to conduct a site survey to ensure the roof, or ground area (for tracking systems) receives a sufficient amount of daylight throughout the day. Once it is established that there is a suitable site with adequate sunlight, the process can begin. The professionals at Rumsey Lang will design, and install your system, make the necessary appointments with your utility company to "certify" the system, (which will allow you to sell excess power back to the utility company), configure, test and optimize your system providing you with a clean energy source for many years to come.