Septic System New Install


High Quality Septic Systems and Designs

A Septic System is nothing more than a small-scale sewage treatment system used in areas with no connections to the main sewer lines provided by municipalities or private companies. The word "septic" refers to an anaerobic bacterial environment that is created in the tank which mineralizes or decomposes the waste introduced into the tank.

A septic tank system is simplicity at its finest, with a simple inflow and outflow. The inflow is generally connected to the home's waste line, and the outflow is directed to the leach field or drain field, where the mostly purified water is allowed to be returned to the groundwater supply after its final filtering through the porous soils of the leach field. Of course, this is an over simplification of the process, and your professional from Rumsey Lang can provide you with a much more in-depth explanation, if desired.

The team at Rumsey Lang has been designing and installing top-notch septic systems for years, and can provide a system that will last. Whether it's a new system, extensive maintenance, or a redesign of an existing system, let the team at Rumsey Lang design your next system.