Filtration Systems

Rumsey-Lang Well Drilling & Pumps, Inc. has water treatment systems to solve and eliminate water problems affecting taste, odor and appearance such as Hardness, Iron, pH Imbalance (corrosion), Hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), Turbidity (sediment and suspended particles), Tannins and Color.

We have filtration systems that will remove the chlorine from your city water supply.

Hard water has the following effects:

  • Pipes: Deposits cause corrosion, leaks, restricted water flow and reduce pressure.
  • Water Heater: Deposits build up on heat elements, reducing efficiency and shortening appliance life.
  • Skin / Hair: Scales form on skin and hair too, dulling the complexion, irritating skin and contributing to hair problems.
  • Glassware / Dishes: Soap curds cause spotting of tableware. Hard water increases soap and chemical costs and seriously affects automatic dishwasher operation.
  • Clothes: Hard water dulls colors, makes towels and clothes feel stiff and scratchy and requires the use of harsh soaps and chemicals, reducing fabric life.